Lake Rehabilitation Baku, Azerbaijan

Clean-up of polluted waterbody

Posted on 1 June 2016


Oil is a major natural resource in Azerbaijan; it is drilled on both land and sea. Historically, this resulted in serious pollution in and around the lakes of Baku. Baku was the location for the first ever European Games in June 2015. The stadium, overlooking Lake Boyuk Shor, brought attention to this heavily polluted waterbody, so the Ministry of Economics and Industry in Azerbaijan instigated a clean-up operation.

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water installed four water quality stations with floats to keep the probes at a set depth for monitoring water quality during the remediation work at the lakes.

The monitoring stations monitor water quality using the Aquaread AP-7000 probe. The probe comes as standard with sensors that measure optical dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS, SSG, and temperature. Eijkelkamp then added additional parameters into the user configurable sensor ports: refined oil, chlorophyll and turbidity.


As part of the first stage of remediation work, the highly polluted bed of Lake Boyuk Shor has been dredged; over 2.8 million cubic meters of heavily oil polluted silt have been dredged, temporary storage for the contaminated dredging spoils has been created, and dams constructed to isolate the project area.


The work done so far has already improved the water quality in the lake.

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Project partners

  • Stichting Both ENDS
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