Direct and objective assistance for famers using satellites

Real-time help for livestock farmers to locate good grazing lands and water in Mali, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Posted on 2 June 2016


Climate change hits the dry areas of Africa hard. Areas that were once green are no longer and vice versa. Some water points dried up and others emerge. Traditionally farmers rely on information of other farmers, scouts and family to find good grazing grounds. There is a clear need for additional sources of information.

Using various high and low resolution satellites, a real-time mapping service is set up for specific areas. This information is updated every 10 days. Through a community mapping exercise, famers have been asked where their grazing grounds are and how their migration routes run. 

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Investigation revealed that we have changed migration routes in Afar, Ethiopia. 

We started in Afar, Ethiopia. Now we also do Oromia, and parts of Tanzania and Mali.

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