Water Operators partnerships Indonesia - the Netherlands

Posted on 2 May 2016


PDAM Pontianak and Oasen: have cooperated over the past few years on a non-commercial basis. In this way, the PDAM has managed to reduce losses through pipe leaks from more than 40% to 28%. Oasen has also advised on possible solutions to the salinisation problem in the Kapuas river that becomes saline every few years due to intruding seawater.

PDAM Kota Bandung, Municipality of Bandung, Dutch water company Vitens Evides International, Technical University Delft and Simavi (Dutch NGO) have formed a partnership to improve water supply in Bandung City. The cooperation is, apart from Euro 3.4 million own funds, co-funded by a subsidy (Euro 3.95 million) from the Dutch Sustainable Water Fund. The partnership aims to improve production capacity, distribution network performance and access to water, the latter particularly for the poor communities. It includes investments, technical assistance, capacity building as well as community awareness and involvement measures. Activities started in 2015 and are expected to be completed end of 2018.

For many years World Waternet has worked with the PERPAMSI Banten and the PDAM Tangerang in long term peer-support arrangements (Water Operators’ Partnerships). These partnerships focus on the total water cycle, including drinking water, waste water and surface water. As one of the concrete results, ten water companies in the province of Banten are now using Aquarta, as a Geographic Information System (GIS) to record the water supply system. An important tool to reduce non-revenue water.

Project location

Project partners

  • Drinkwaterbedrijf Oasen
  • Simavi
  • TU Delft
  • VEI B.V.
  • World Waternet