Online E.coli monitor to check groundwater recharge for a French golf course

Posted on 8 December 2017


The effluent at the wastewater treatment plant in Agon-Countainville, France has been extended with a reed bed and sand dune filtration. This enables the use of effluent to recharge the groundwater aquifer and compensate for the water withdrawal for irrigation of the golf course, but prevents any salt intrusion.

BACTcontrol detects E.coli bacteria activity in the water and is used as an online screening monitor of the effluent before groundwater recharge. The study at the Agon-Coutainville site will demonstrate how innovative water quality monitoring and modeling can be linked to data management and communication, facilitating optimized water management. Based on this online monitoring and regular sampling campaign, a model will be developed in order to predict the geochemical processes that may lead to salt intrusion.

The golf course can still use groundwater to keep the park green.

Partners of this project are: BRGM, AquaNES and Agon Coutainville

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