Xblocs Istanbul Airport

Xblocs Part of the largest Airport in the World

Posted on 23 October 2018


In Istanbul, a new airport is being constructed, which will be the largest airport in the world. The airport is constructed by a consortium called IGA, which is formed by Cengiz, MAPA, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon.

On the north side of the airport a harbor is being constructed which will accommodate vessels with materials for the airport. This harbor consists of 2 breakwaters which will be armoured with Xblocs against the severe Black Sea wave climate.

Xblocs with sizes up to 16m3 are required for these breakwaters. For this project we used the largest Xblocs so far. Model tests have been executed in Ankara to verify the design.

Production oft he blocks wasrecently completed. Block placement started in April 2017.


The Xblocs are placed to protect the vessels from the violent waves on the Black Sea.

Technologies used

Read more about the Xbloc on the website.

Project location

Project partners

  • DMC, Delta Marine Consultants