Ecobeach Egmond aan Zee

Pilot for Ecobeach at the beaches

Posted on 25 October 2018


Contractor BAM started a pilot for Ecobeach at the beaches near Egmond aan Zee, north-west of Amsterdam in 2006 in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). This was the first installed drainage system at a Dutch beach. The aim of the pilot was threefold. First of all the influence of the system on beach development was monitored. Moreover, a scientific research to possible working mechanisms of Ecobeach was carried out. Thirdly, Rijkswaterstaat wanted to gain experience with a cooperation between government and contractor on basis of equality, contrary to the traditional client-contractor relationship.

Two Ecobeach test areas were set up at the end of 2006 / start of 2007 at the beach of Egmond aan Zee. A reference area was also allocated:


Test area North, Egmond aan Zee, km 36 - 39 (3 km long)

Test area South, South of Egmond aan Zee, km 40 - 43 (3 km long)

Reference area, Castricum aan Zee, km 43 - 46 (3 km long)


The beach at Egmond aan Zee is one of the best monitored beaches in the Netherlands. Several investigations at the test site were done in the past. The presence of an Argus camera at both test areas is also essential to get an impression of the beach processes. The northern test area has been influenced in the past by various beach nourishments and foreshore nourishments whilst the southern test area is less disturbed.

However, human interference such as nourishments and the breakwater at IJmuiden also influence the southern test area.

Project partners

  • DMC, Delta Marine Consultants
  • Government of the Netherlands