Development of an intake management system

Development of an intake management system for the Prut and Moldova River

Posted on 1 January 2011

Development of an intake management system

The project aims at developing an intake management framework, including online river water quality monitoring, that acts as an early warning, to protect drinking water supplies that rely on surface water sources for drinking water production, from any natural, human-induced or deliberate contamination. This is to ensure a reliable, safe and above all trusted drinking water supply.


A quick and reliable identification of high-impact contamination in river waters is the ultimate goal of this project. The monitoring system, being a part of a sophisticated intake management framework, should ensure a reliable and safe drinking water supply in the agglomeration of Iaşi. The system must detect a contamination event in a time frame that allows the implementation of an effective response to reduce or avoid the adverse impacts that may result from the event.


  • Assessment of actual water quality (developments)
  • Engineered early warning water quality monitoring system
  • Determined alarm levels in case of pollution
  • An implemented integrated software platform
  • Implemented action plans and procedures in case of alarms


At this moment many drinking water treatment plants in Romania are being improved and refurbished, financed by the EU (SOP Environment). This will improve the drinking water supply significantly. However, when the incoming raw surface water is polluted this will negatively impact the performance of the treatment process and consumers’ trust in drinking water. The project will contribute to a safer drinking water supply in Iaşi and eventually in Romania (when the monitoring system will be scaled-up) that can be trusted and consumed by the consumer. Thereby further increase the positive effects of new water treatment investments. At the same time introduction of sophisticated raw water monitoring systems will provide insights in water quality trends and polluting events. With this knowledge expensive investments in treatment works could be postponed or even skipped.

Besides direct positive effects on public health the project will stimulate and accelerate co-operation between water companies (ROC's) and the directorates of Apele Romane (and the Ministry of Environment and Forests). This will improve the shared knowledge of river water quality trends and pollution events. By knowledge exchange and co-operation all parties involved can better manage their surface water sources but also join forces to collectively fight against upstream pollution. This will significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of parties involved.

Technologies used

Online real time water quality sensors
Integrated ICT-platform

Project location

Project partners

  • Ameco
  • Biemond Business Support
  • Dunea
  • Realworld Software Products B.V.