Munda Munda Irrigation Project

Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation; Rice Production on 3,000 Ha

Posted on 1 November 2010

Munda Munda Irrigation Project

This project builds the physical flood control, irrigation and drainage infrastructure, and the social infrastructure of a well-functioning water users’ association. The project uses water from the Licungo River. It builds on recently rehabilitated colonial basic infrastructure. A dam and a network of are constructed, and the corresponding water management devices. This enables the controlled flooding, irrigation and drainage of 3,000 hectares. The scheme will operate mostly on gravity.


To contribute towards food security for 5,000 smallholder farmers’ households and import substitution with aromatic and organic rice with a (local) market volume of 6,000 tons a year, through flood irrigation, drainage and flood protection paddy scheme of 3,000 ha in the Munda Munda river plain in Central Mozambique which is planned, designed, constructed and operated for and with the smallholder farmers’ households in a period of 10 years.


  • Detailed design (scale 1:5.000) with all water control infra
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Labour-intensive construction of all infrastructure
  • A democratic, legalised and social sustainable organisation
  • Guaranteed maintenance and operation of all infrastructure

Project location

Project partners

  • CDP Consultants for Development Programmes