Water supply and demand in balance

Demonstration project Gasawka catchment, Poland

Posted on 1 January 2011

Water supply and demand in balance

In central Poland, agriculture suffers from frequent occurrence of drought, resulting in crop losses and economic damage. Polish farmers are therefore under increasing pressure to make the most of their business. The availability of water plays a key role in achieving an effective agricultural management. This project focuses on the optimization of water supply and demand for agriculture in order to minimize drought damage.


The aim of the project is to match the water supply and demand for the agricultural sector in Poland in order to minimise crop damage. This will result in water savings, enhanced water handling, and an economic boost to the agricultural sector through reducing crop damage.


  • central information system for web based advice on water use
  • regional and specific advice for optimization of crop growth
  • automatic control of water streams by local water works
  • knowledge transfer to the local partner/target group
  • strengthen international position consortium


Based on the central information system the farmer will be advised on:
1) a higher yield through more effective use of water;
2) opportunities for water use during dry periods;
3) better use of water towards the supply of the local water authority;
4) pragmatic water advice (irrigation, drainage, storage, frost).

In addition the local water authority will have:
1) a (real time) understanding of the water system;
2) more effective control of water due to better understanding of the (local)water demands;
3) a more flexible water system.

On completion of the project farmers and local authorities should be able to adapt to the new circumstances of changing weather conditions and its impact to the water system .

Technologies used

The web-based advice is tailored to the exact water needs of individual farmers, taking into account current and future environmental factors such as water availability, weather (precipitation and evaporation), soil moisture, groundwater and crop management

Raw measurement data from many sources is read, edited and processed with a water balance for an integrated advice in a central information system. This enables famers and local water authorities to be advised through a web-based interface.

Project location

Project partners

  • Dacom
  • MeteoGroup Netherlands
  • Nelen & Schuurmans B.V.
  • Partners voor Water