Posted on 1 March 2009


TheWaterChannel is an open source water related video portal. TheWaterChannel creates products and develops projects that are freely accessible for people seeking for water education and information all over the world. TheWaterChannel and its spin-off projects are supported by UNESCO-IHE, IFAD, Cap-Net, UNESCO-IHP, GWP, WGF,RAIN, NUFFIC


The main goal of TheWaterChannel is to become an important force for change in water management – by making it possible to provide fast learning, be an open source for practical and inspiring learning, bring water on many unexpected agenda’s and trigger discussion and catalyze new ideas and insights. The aim is to contribute and be part of a wave moving towards better water management!


  • Water related video portal
  • Thematic DVDs
  • Instructional laboratory videos
  • Webinars
  • Educational packages

Project partners

  • IHE Delft | Institute for Water Education
  • MetaMeta Communications