Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa

Investing in dryland agriculture for growth and resilience

Posted on 1 May 2011

Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa

WAHARA will study local WH solutions in 4 study sites throughout Africa from a transdisciplinary perspective that takes into account not only bio-physical aspects, but also socio-economic aspects and political conditions. The project will work closely together with stakeholders, to make sure that selected solutions are really meeting their needs. The effectiveness of WH technologies will be assessed under different environmental and socio-economic conditions.


Develop innovative appropriate WH technologies for different geographical regions of rainfed Africa. The project aims to develop solutions applicable beyond local study sites and indeed across the continent. In order to reach this objective, study sites are selected that are representative for rainfed Africa: Tunisia in the North, Burkina Faso in the West, Zambia in the South and Ethiopia in the East.


  • Design water harvesting technologies
  • Assess the on-site and downstream impact of WH technologies
  • Develop criteria for sustainable impact on improving livelih
  • Develop guidelines to facilitate stakeholder learning and ac

Project location

Project partners

  • MetaMeta Communications
  • Wageningen University and Research Center