Education Water construction worker Indonesia

Implementing Vocational Education Program for Water Construction workers

Posted on 1 January 2011

Education Water construction worker Indonesia

VAPRO, Wateropleidingen / SWO, BAM Decorient Indonesia and other Indonesian partners have initiated a project to develop and test a vocational education program for water construction workers. Target groups for the Water Construction program are workers already employed by water construction firms and graduates from secondary vocational schools (SMK’s), the future water construction workers. The education program for water construction workers will be relevant all over Indonesia. Local partners; PT. BAM Decorient Indonesia and ITS Surabaya (university)


Aim of the project is to improve the quality of water construction workers in Indonesia by:
* additional vocational programs for SMK students
* courses for employees of the water construction sector


  • new curriculum at SMKs in Indonesia (schools)
  • tailor-made, practical and up to date courses for employees
  • training pontoon
  • 60 trained (future) water construction workers
  • overview & involvement Indonesian water construction sector


The Indonesian water management sector is rapidly growing and has a high demand for skilled water construction workers. Indonesia, however, has a lack of skilled water construction workers as no education and training at secondary vocational level is available in this field. Although water construction knowledge at higher education and academic level is available in Indonesia, it is focussed on engineering and design, not on operational knowledge and skills. Therefore water construction projects in Indonesia have to make use of skilled workers from abroad, for example Malaysia, or work with unskilled workers.


Project location

Project partners

  • BAM International B.V.
  • Wateropleidingen | World Water Academy