Posted on 2 June 2016

Improving drilling success rate with remote sensing

Currently up to 80% of domestic water supply in Ethiopia is sourced from groundwater. Nevertheless Ethiopia’s groundwater drilling program faces serious challenges: I) negative wells up on drilling following poor...


Posted on 1 June 2016

Lake Rehabilitation Baku, Azerbaijan

Oil is a major natural resource in Azerbaijan; it is drilled on both land and sea. Historically, this resulted in serious pollution in and around the lakes of Baku. Baku was the location for the first ever European...


Posted on 1 June 2016

Hutuo River China flood prevention project

To enhance the ability to predict and prevent flooding and ensure safety, the Hutuo River Project is implemented in the Hebei province. For this flood prediction and prevention system Eijkelkamp Soil &...


Posted on 1 June 2016

Fruitlook - zoom in on your crop

The agricultural sector worldwide is facing the challenge to reduce irrigation water consumption while maintaining or increasing production levels. To be able to improve irrigation water management, up-to-date and...


Posted on 2 May 2016

Water Operators partnerships Indonesia - the Netherlands

PDAM Pontianak and Oasen: have cooperated over the past few years on a non-commercial basis. In this way, the PDAM has managed to reduce losses through pipe leaks from more than 40% to 28%. Oasen has also advised on...


Posted on 4 February 2016

Transforming the Guaju Mine

For a number of years Millennium Minerals in the Paraiba State of Brazil operated a dry mining - multi face heavy minerals (titanium oxides and zircon) mining operation successfully. The focus was on selective mining...


Posted on 4 February 2016

Water Management at Europe’s largest Nickel Mine

Faced with full water-storage basins after record rainfall on the one hand, and a halt in mining activity due to water in the deepest section of the open cast mine on the other. Europe’s largest nickel mine at...


Posted on 4 February 2016

Groundwater monitoring network for stone pit

The stone pit of Les Carrières du fond des Vaulx is surrounded by natural areas. Therefore the stone pit has to satisfy strict environmental legislation.


Posted on 4 February 2016

Geotechnical and hydrogeological site investigation in Chile

A drilling campaign of 3 weeks on a beach site with 30 holes up to 15 m depth. Whilst drilling, undisturbed samples have been taken for laboratory testing and in-situ SPT testing has been performed every 1.5...


Posted on 17 November 2015

Mangrove restoration Java

Wetlands International started the restoration of a 20 km stretch of strongly eroding coast in Northern Java. The construction of a new series of brushwood dams aims to regain lost land and recreate a stable environment...

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