World Water Forum 8

'Be prepared.. to embrace water'. We invite you to embrace water and to team up with the Dutch water sector for solutions on worldwide water issues. Visit the Netherlandswwforum8-themaspaviljoen1-250px Pavilion (E18) at the Expo of World Water Forum! The World Water Forum is the largest water event in the world, gathering over more than 35,000 people with multi-stakeholder backgrounds. The Forum takes place from 18 to 23 March in Brasilia, Brazil. 

The majority of the world's population lives in urban areas. These huge cities will face many water challenges due to climate change and population growth. How can we help cities to adapt? How can we make cities more resilient to climate change and water crises? Moreover, according to UNHCR the world will have 200 million climate refugees by 2050. An important cause of migration is water; too much or too little. 

'Be prepared.. to embrace water' 
It's time to prepare for those water challenges, it's time to embrace water.
The Dutch water sector believes in an integrated approach on water management and is always looking for international collaboration and partnerships. We invite you to team up with us! Visit the Netherlands Pavilion (E18) at the World Water Forum in Brasilia. Or attend the sessions with contributions of the Netherlands water sector

Find out more about the participants in the Netherlands Pavilion and their solutions on Climate Change, Nature Based Solutions and Water & Sanitation.

The participants in the Netherlands Pavilion are:

The pavilion is hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), with support of the government of the Netherlands - Partners for Water Programme




Wetlands International receives second grant to continue peatland restoration in Russia

The International Investment Bank provided Wetlands International with the second grant to prologue its work restoring peatlands in Russia. Nikolay Kosov, Chairman of the International Investment Bank Board, handed out a cheque of 40,000 euros to representatives Tatiana Minayeva of Wetlands...

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Wetlands International receives second grant to continue peatland restoration in Russia

Dutch Water Sector


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