IFAT, the world's largest environmental technology network, is expanding to Latin America with the launch of IFAT Brasil 2024. The first IFAT Brasil, to be held in São Paulo from 24 to 26 April, aims to stimulate the emerging market for environmental technologies in Brazil and the entire region.

The Dutch water sector will showcase some examples of its technologies and innovations at the Netherlands Lounge which will be located at the Innovation Pavilion.

IFAT Brasil & water

Approximately 35 million people do not have access to treated water in Brazil, while almost 100 million people do not have access to sewage treatment. Brazil’s goal is to provide 99% of the population with drinking water and 90% with sewage treatment by 2033. Over the next decade, Brazil's sanitation sector will experience rapid development thanks to the Government's privatisation strategy and stimulus projects. Private investment will drive tremendous growth in the market for environmental technologies, such as the collection, treatment and distribution of water, as well as the collection and treatment of sewage and solid waste. In this dynamic environment, IFAT Brasil will be the main platform to connect market participants and promote the use of environmental technologies in Brazil and the entire region.

The fair and the market will benefit from IFAT's international network of connections, with its events in Europe, Asia and Africa, and will be fundamental to achieving the Brazilian Government's objectives in the areas of drainage, waste management, water and wastewater management by 2033.

The first IFAT Brasil will be held in São Paulo from April 24-26, 2024, in parallel with the established M&T Expo, the largest trade fair for the construction and mining machinery industry in Latin America.

IFAT Brasil 2024 - floor plan
IFAT Brasil 2024 - floor plan

Innovation Pavilion & Netherlands Lounge

IFAT Brasil has more than 10,000 square metres of exhibition space and includes an Innovation Pavilion that will be organised in collaboration with ISLE Utilities, one of the world's largest consultants in the field of innovation in the water sector and a trusted partner for water utilities in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil for more than 10 years. It has deep-rooted knowledge of the local water market dynamics, regulatory landscape and business environment in Latin America.

The Innovation Pavilion will include a Netherlands Lounge where the Dutch water sector will present a few of its offerings. The Netherlands is known for its integrated approach to water management, in which flood control, water quality, ecosystems, and urban development are considered together. This holistic approach could be useful for Brazil, especially in areas prone to flooding and drought.

The Netherlands Lounge at IFAT Brasil is a cooperation between the Netherlands Water Partnership and and the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in São Paulo. It is supported by Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Dutch Water Sector at IFAT Brasil

The organisations present at the Netherlands Lounge are:

  • Azzuro B.V.

AZZURO is a science-driven solution provider, whose mission is to help customers comply with their emission requirements. They advise, design and supply cutting edge Air Pollution Control and Odor Management Solutions for all industries. Their biological solutions are more efficient in emission reductions, more reliable in operating and more economical than the conventional chemical scrubber or thermal oxidisers.

  • Bluecon International B.V.

Bluecon's innovative "Blueconizing" technology offers a decentralised, cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment, catering to diverse settings from households to small towns. Its vision of transforming wastewater into reusable water aligns with sustainable development goals, promising a brighter, more efficient future for water management worldwide.

  • Dutch Clean Tech

Dutch Clean Tech brings smart clean water solutions for communities everywhere. Plug-and-play, scalable and made affordable in a unique way. Since 1962, they have supplied bespoke and tailor-made water treatment plants to industrial customers around the world, accumulating a wealth of experience and know-how.

  • HULO

HULO provide water utilities with know-how about their water network. They develop algorithms to optimally place sensors and to detect, localise and categorise leakages. They provide tailored solutions that work in the client's system. This ensures that the knowledge stays at the client’s side.

  • LG Sonic

LG Sonic has helped customers around the world to improve water quality in large water surfaces by addressing algae blooms in a sustainable way since 2011. Their mission is to fight environmental pollution and eliminate harmful chemicals in the water treatment industry. LG Sonic invests in the design and development of innovative technologies to monitor and control algal blooms, a major environmental problem which degrades water quality and its ecosystem.

  • MTD Water

MTD is a global partner in temporary water solutions. They can quickly provide infrastructure that guarantees safe drinking water and reliable wastewater facilities. MTD offers customised products that perfectly fit unique projects. They provide temporary water infrastructure for industry, utilities, temporary accommodation and offshore projects. The MTD team is used to working in sensitive regions, no location is impossible. Even the most remote areas can count on the availability of MTD.


MVRDV provides solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues in all regions of the world. Their highly collaborative, research-based design method involves clients, stakeholders, and experts from a wide range of fields from early in the creative process. The results are exemplary and outspoken projects that enable cities and landscapes to develop towards a better future.

  • Netherlands Water Partnership

NWP is an independent, non-governmental foundation, established in 1999 in response to the call for greater collaboration and a stronger united voice in the international arena as a sector. Since then, fostering collaboration in the Dutch water sector in the Netherlands and abroad has remained at the core of NWP’s mission. This is done through implementing programmes that enhance cross-sector collaboration and innovation; building coalitions around themes or regions to enhance collective impact; raising the water organisations’ international profile; and uniting to positively influence policy and collectively contribute to reaching the SDGs.

  • Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent consultancy which integrates 140 years of engineering expertise with technologies and software solutions. In the water market, they provide forward-looking services, state-of-the-art software, and world-leading technologies, encompassed in a coherent vision for sustainable, integrated water use. We take a holistic view, exploring the widest possible range of answers to your drinking water and wastewater challenges and work together with key universities and research institutions so you’re always one step ahead.

  • Solaq International B.V.

Solaq is developing Air-to-Water technology that can generate pure drinking water out of thin air, using 100% solar energy, without the need of any existing or new infrastructure. The technology is reliable, sustainable and affordable and the water produced is of the highest drinking water quality. Their goal is to provide a new, affordable system into the water mix in Brazil’s semi-arid region and to help replace the problematic, expensive and polluting water trucks in the region. 


SOLiSENZ specialises in delivering top tier measuring sensor solutions for sludge treatment processes. Their core expertise lies in the precise measurement of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Polymer parameters essential for effective sludge treatment. Their sensors are designed to deliver accurate data, enabling optimized process control.