The Netherlands is a world leader in water management. Our country, often referred to as Holland, is a relatively small, low lying, densely populated deltaic region at the western edge of Europe. And that comes with its challenges. Over the decades, the Dutch have mastered the art of flood protection and water supply and treatment. Water is in our genes, is often said.

Living in a challenging and vulnerable environment spurs innovation and cooperation. In our case, this especially comes to life in Dutch water management. By constantly adapting our approach to water over decades, we have gained an advantage and we want to share our knowledge and skills internationally. We believe that by putting our heads together, we can achieve more in tackling global water related challenges. That is why this website features the best the Dutch water sector has to offer, nationally and internationally.

The Dutch water sector: your worldwide partner for water solutions

Water does not stop at borders. The world faces major water challenges every day, whether the water is too much, too little or too polluted. These challenges require holistic and sustainable solutions which call for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and expertise. The Dutch water sector invites you to team up to find the best solutions for our changing world. 

Do you want to meet the Dutch water sector? Then please contact the Netherlands Water Partnership, the umbrella organisation for the Dutch water sector: or  Looking for funding, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations you can contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency which stimulates Dutch entrepreneurs in international business:

This website

Cooperation and public-private partnerships are essential for the Dutch. They are incorporated in our daily routines. They are what have kept our feet dry and our water clean over the years. And they are evident in the Dutch water sector which is made up of businesses, knowledge institutes, NGOs and governmental institutions. Even this website is the product of cooperation between the Dutch Government and the Dutch water sector and was produced within the framework of the Dutch government’s Partners for Water Programme. The Programme supports the Dutch water sector in different ways, one of which is the promotion of Dutch expertise and organisations.

This website is a useful source of information on the Dutch water sector’s international activities. The website is supported by social media. Please follow us on twitter @HollandWater or Facebook.

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