About us

Wind, water and wide open spaces have shaped the Netherlands and its history. To its inhabitants, the Dutch, water has always been friend and foe. Our country that is the Netherlands, often referred to as Holland, is a relatively small deltaic region in Western Europe. Three major rivers, the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt, fan out across our country before flowing into the North Sea.

We Dutch people are well known for our water management skills. Water is in our genes is often said. The Dutch windmills (once used to pump out excess water), dikes and levees form a powerful international image. From the early middle ages onwards, we reclaimed and defended land from the sea. A skill that goes hand in hand with water management, spatial planning, water supply and water quality.

The world is changing. We need to adapt again. To form a new, sustainable relationship with water. In the Netherlands and abroad. We invite you to join us. Let’s work together!

The Dutch water sector; your world wide partner for water

Water does not stop at borders. Major water challenges require the best solutions. We need to cooperate, to exchange knowledge and expertise. We invite you to team up with us, to find the best solutions for a changing world. The Netherlands is a country with an international outlook. We look for partnership, a long term solution to your problems, rather than a quick sale.

Resourceful and cooperative

The Netherlands is home to the world’s ten best engineering firms in the field of water and to two world leaders in land reclamation, dredging and coastal construction. In water technology, innovative companies lead the way in the purification and re-use of water. A large netwok of smaller companies offers specialists and cost effective solutions. Skilled NGOs operate worldwide in the field of water and international cooperation. Research institutes, universities and (local) government maintain a high standard of knowledge and management. If necessary, Dutch organizations will form alliances to deliver tailor-made solutions.


Worldwide Projects