In July 2019, 100 Resilient Cities – pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) will bring together their network of urban resilience practitioners from cities around the world in Rotterdam to celebrate the impact of the global movement they are building together, share best-in-class practices and innovations in the field, build personal and professional relationships, and identify opportunities for partnerships and collective action.

cross-cultural conversations create an ideal learning environment

The 100 Resilient Cities network from cities around the world will gather in Rotterdam from 8-11 July for the Urban Resilience Summit.

The host city of Rotterdam at its core is an incubator of ideas, innovation and experimentation. As a post-industrial portside city in the process of rapid social, economic and physical transformation, Rotterdam provides an ideal setting in which to experience resilience in practice and demonstrates a spirit of openness to fostering critical cross-cultural conversations that create the ideal learning environment for our member cities and partners.

More details about this Summit will be shared in the coming months.