Aquatech Online Breakouts is an interactive live event series that is set to shake up the traditional and crowded webinar circuit. Unscripted, live discussions with industry thought leaders. The next breakout features 'Going Circular: Water & Resource Recovery in the New Normal'.

With scarcity increasing around the world, recycling and reusing water makes economical and environmental sense. How will water reuse enable circularity within industries, such as breweries? How can water utilities go beyond water recycling to recover resources, such as fertiliser and proteins? How are start-ups in the decentralised market disrupting traditional centralised treatment? This third Aquatech BreakOuts brings together speakers working on some of the most innovative wastewater treatment and water recycling projects in the world.

The online event takes place on Thursday 27 August 2020, 16:00 - 16:45 hours (CET).


  • Søren Nøhr Bak - Expertise Director Water in Food & Beverage NIRAS, Denmark
  • Orianna Bretschger - Founder & CEO Aquacycl, USA
  • Rik Thijssen - Business Development Manager Vitens, The Netherlands