The team of the EU-funded research project Ground Truth 2.0 will organise a special week with activities at its six citizen observatories, as well as a two days of workshops at IHE Delft. The week will take place from 30 September – 4 October.

Ground Truth 2.0 is a 3-year EU funded project that is setting up and validating six citizen observatories in real conditions, in four European and two African demonstration cases. During the Ground Truth 2.0 week, participants can learn about the thematic focus, purpose and achievements of each observatory.

Feasibility of citizen observatories

The Ground Truth 2.0 project is demonstrating that such observatories are technologically feasible, can be implemented sustainably and that they have many societal and economic benefits. The ultimate objective is the global market uptake of the concept and the enabling technologies. The thematic focus of Ground Truth 2.0 is on flora and fauna, as well as water availability and water quality, for land and natural resources management.

The Ground Truth 2.0 has developed a methodology that was developed and applied to set up these observatories – and how it can be adapted to different geographical contexts, social settings and thematic issues.

Social media

The project uses mobile apps and social media analytics to collect explicitly and implicitly-sensed citizen data. As such, citizens are enabled to share data about the environment and to take on a new, crucial role in environmental monitoring, decision making, cooperative planning and environmental stewardship.

Ground Truth 2.0 builds on previous projects related to citizen observatories, earth observation and land-use modelling, undertaken with the participation of Ground Truth 2.0 consortium partners.

Two continents

The Ground Truth 2.0 team invites you to participate in a week of dynamic and interactive events. Join us in our (virtual) tour across two continents and six citizen observatories before we settle for two days of workshops in Delft!

All six Ground Truth 2.0 citizen observatories (4 in Europe, 2 in Africa) will host local events. You can participate locally or remotely via webinars. Local events will span a mix of data collection campaigns, demonstrations, workshops and panel discussions.

Two day workshop

Two days of workshops in Delft: find out about the Ground Truth 2.0 co-design methodology for setting up citizen observatories, try out the enabling technologies of these observatories and discuss conditions for successful uptake.