Arsenic in drinking water and food is a major health issue, affecting millions of people in many parts of the world. The International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment organised biannually is a focal point for showcasing research and developments on a range of topics related to arsenic in the environment. Since 2006, six events of the International Congress Series have been held. This year the event would have taken place in Wageningen, the Netherlands. But due to travel restrictions, the event will be completely virtual.

The “8th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment (As2021)” has one main theme: Bridging Science to Practice for Sustainable Development. This includes five sub-themes:

1. Arsenic in Natural Soil and Water Systems
2. Arsenic in Agriculture and Food Production
3. Health Impacts of Arsenic
4. Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Water
5. Sustainable Mitigation and Management for Sustainable Development

For each theme the latest insights will be presented by over 140 speakers in four parallel sub-sessions. In addition, there will be two panel discussion on: 1) Bridging arsenic science to practice’ and 2) recent advances in arsenic research: distribution in the environment. Health impacts and technologies for remediation’.