Initiated by Blue21 and Waterstudio, Paving the waves (PtW) aims to bring together leading international experts from the industry, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from across the world to share knowledge on floating solutions in Rotterdam in 2020.


With great honor, PtW will host the World Conference on Floating Solutions 2020 first organized by The Society of Floating Solutions Singapore, and the presentations of the final results from the EU-Horizon2020 funded research project, Space@Sea.The objectives of the PAVING THE WAVES Conference are:

  • To disseminate knowledge of state-of-the-art research findings about floating development.
  • To raise awareness of sustainable use of inland and open waters by introducing floating structures as a climate-adaptive measure for urban and offshore development.
  • To foster multidisciplinary and international collaboration between stakeholders from various disciplines, improving the collective understanding of floating solutions.
  • To establish a community of practices and take stock of emerging approaches in floating innovation.
  • To identify knowledge gaps and share insights into crossovers between offshore and urban perspectives regarding the sustainable expansion of coastal cities on water.


The PtW organisation is aware that some of the attendees may be concerned about the possible impacts of COVID-19. PtW-WCFS2020 will certainly take place on 6-8 October 2020 in the Netherlands. The conference will neither be cancelled nor postponed. Depending on the situation and measures regarding COVID-19 in October, one of the following three formats will be chosen, listed in order of priority:

  1. a physical event
  2. a combination of a physical and digital (live streaming) event
  3. a virtual conference