The 6th International Faecal Sludge Management conference (FSM6) will continue its mission of sharing best practice and innovation to improve how faecal sludge is managed and how to expand service to the 4.5 billion people lacking access to safely managed sanitation. 

The FSM conference is held biennially and alternates between being held in Asia and Africa. The title of this year's event is Celebrating 10 Years: FSM Heroes- Past, Present and Future. FSM6 will draw experience from Asia to address the demands and challenges of the sanitation sector, while also highlighting best practice and lessons learned from around the globe with a focus on including examples from Africa and Latin America.

It will, once again, provide the opportunity for sector professionals, governments, policy-makers, utilities, development partners, investors, industries and service providers to coordinate, develop and share learning to provide affordable and workable solutions at scale.


The FSM6 program will feature a variety of sessions, 35% of the program will be curated from the abstract process where abstracts were submitted and reviewed by external reviewers, 25% of the program will be designed by the FSM6 Conference Committee and the FSM Alliance, 20% will feature Indonesia and be curated by FSM's local partners in Indonesia, and 20% will be convened by organisations and stakeholders in the sector via our Sector Hosted Sessions.  The three plenaries will focus on the central theme of FSM6, “Celebrating 10 Years: FSM Heroes – Past, Present and Future”. 

FSM Alliance

The FSM Alliance is excited to take on its role as the new host and organiser for the International Faecal Sludge Management conference (FSM conference). The FSM Alliance was announced at AfricaSan 5/FSM5 in Cape Town, South Africa in 2019 to create a centralised platform for those working in the FSM sub-sector. The FSM Alliance in based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.