The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is organising a hybrid version of their renowned World Water Week (SWWW). The event takes place from 23 August till 1 September 2022 highlighting the theme "Seeing the unseen: The value of water”.

Exploring the theme

The world’s freshwater is under unprecedented pressure from fast-rising temperatures, populations, and consumption patterns. To address this global water crisis and climate chaos, World Water Week 2022 will focus on how we value water. Revealing and understanding the value of water will trigger much-needed decisions, innovations, and investments in managing water better.

Join the international water community in a global conversation about valuing water, in which SWWW also shines a light on the world’s most forgotten water: the vast majority of freshwater that is hidden in groundwater aquifers, in the soil or in the atmosphere. The event will also look at virtual water – the water required to produce goods and services – and, of course, the whole water cycle linking freshwater and oceans.


Building a water-wise world requires leadership and cross-sector collaboration. The Government of the Netherlands is a dedicated partner of the World Water Week and SIWI.