First International Meeting of Cities facing Water Challenges

W12 is an international Conference and Expo that seeks to create the first W12 protocol and strengthen the civil society driven governance of alternative sustainable water solutions.

By 2050 almost 2 billion people living in cities will suffer water shortages as demand for water increases by up to 70% (World Bank). Extremely high water stress can threaten national security. Solutions must be found and implemented now. The need to work together locally and internationally to ensure the future of our world’s water is evident.

This conference provides an opportunity for city officials, academics, citizens, and industry leaders to join keynote speakers Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carlos Cosin and Mads Nipper among other experts, exchanging ideas and sharing solutions. The objective is to share insights on challenges, best practices and brainstorm practical solutions for water and climate resilience. Not only from a city and industry point of view but down to where it really matters; civil society actions.

The W12 Congress will include inspiring presentations to incite energy and engagement in the solutions discussed in this multiday event and the W12 Framework.