Due to the current COVID-19 situation W12-Congress organises a “pre-event” to address water security in cities.

Overview of speakers

Moderated by EcoCiv's President Philip Clayton, this conversation will address how to balance meeting immediate sanitation and access needs while building long-term resilience. How can we use opportunities in the context of COVID-19 to build back better communities, and how can we most effectively ensure everyone is at the table and trust is core to partnerships?

The speakers line-up includes leaders in important areas of global water security:

Karin Krchnak | Program Manager, Water Resources Group, World Bank
Henk Ovink | Dutch Special Envoy to the United Nations
Mads Nipper | CEO, Grundfos
Betsy Otto | Program Director, Global Water Program, Water Resources Institute
Alexandros Makargakis | Acting Deputy Secretary, UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme
Beth Chitekwe-Biti | Deputy Director, Slum Shack Dwellers International
Rashad Shawa | Chairman, International Water Bank