Water & Mining

Within mining, water management is one of the most critical issues. The challenges on securing sufficient water for mining operations and managing the impacts in surrounding watersheds, are motivators to look for new solutions and strategies to improve management on water use. Furthermore, the environmental, social and economic impacts are also critical issues that requires a different approach and responsibility towards managing water issues and environmental impacts during the entire life cycle of mine operations.

These challenges require sustainable solutions. Although our mining days are long over, we do have a lot of experience in the field of water. The Dutch Water Sector is working constantly on new, innovative and integrated solutions with a long-term approach. For the mining industry, the sector offers a wide range of expertise on improving water management practices in mining operations but also to mitigate the impact of mining activities on the environment, water quality and land use.

Water & Mining Platform
To underline the importance of joining forces on this subject, The Netherlands is in the process of establishing a network that unites and integrates knowledge and expertise combining different disciplines. This network is the basis of the “Water and Mining Platform”. The platform aims to engage with the mining industry to look jointly at the strategies and solutions needed to achieve a sustainable mining that can develop in balance with the environment, water resources and society. Let's work together!