Water & Mining

Within mining, water management is one of the most critical issues. The challenges on securing sufficient water for mining operations and managing the impacts in surrounding watersheds, are motivators to look for new solutions and strategies to improve management on water use. Furthermore, the environmental, social and economic impacts are also critical issues that require a different approach and responsibility towards managing water issues and environmental impacts during the entire life cycle of mine operations.




Integrated approach

Water management in mining areas is as unique and challenging as water management in the Netherlands. It means operating in a complex setting, where water plays a crucial role regarding safety, competition over sometimes scarce resources, reputation and much more.

The economic value of mining areas is huge. They create jobs, produce raw materials and offer development in industries and cities. But so is their impact on the environment and overall wellbeing. To co-exist, creating a good relationship with surrounding communities and farmers, sustainable solutions are essential. Therefore, mining areas demand an integrated approach, blending good governance, stakeholder management, and high and low tech water techniques with respect for people, planet & profit.

The life cycle of a mine can be divided into different stages: exploration, processing, and closure & remediation. We create water solutions from start to finish, combining a liveable environment while offering economic benefits for mining companies.

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World wide partner for Water & Mining

To underline the importance of joining forces on this subject, The Netherlands established the Water & Mining Platform that unites and integrates knowledge and expertise combining different disciplines. The platform aims to engage with the mining industry to look jointly at the strategies and solutions needed to achieve sustainable mining that can develop in balance with the environment, water resources and society. Let's work together!

Contact the Netherlands Water & Mining Platform by sending an email to Edilberto Baquero (Netherlands Water Partnership), e.baquero@nwp.nl.