Smart Information Solutions

An important pre-condition for successfully coping with water related events is access to reliable and accurate data that can be translated into smart information solutions. The smart information solutions can provide water managers, policy makers, farmers and other end-users with better insight in their water resources. This information contributes to increasing the efficiency of business processes, better managing risks and reducing potential impact of water related events. This is essential for decision-making and operational management as this allows end-users to better manage activities by using 'evidence based' planning and monitoring. 

Smart information solutions are created across the whole value chain. The Netherlands ICT/geodata community offers an interdisciplinairy team of knowledge institutes and businesses. Together, they offer integrated services that address the needs of the end-users, helping them to manage water by providing them with the knowledge they need.


Portfolio with Dutch expertise
These solutions can be applied widely: from supporting the resilience of delta cities by integrating early warning systems to monitoring droughts. From measuring water quality to increasing water productivity by adding specific irrigation and fertilisation advice additional to 'on the ground' technologies.

Examples of these solutions can be found in the online portfolio 'Smart Information Solution for Water & Climate' (please use Google Chrome to download the portfolio).