Worldwide, an estimated nine billion people will live in large urban areas by 2050. Water security for people, industry, and food production is one of the most urgent challenges of our time.

In the Netherlands water technology plays an important role in transforming a linear economy into a circular one. Innovation is key to this transformation. Water technology innovations are driven by a unique collaboration of renowned knowledge institutes, market leaders, startups and government in co-creation with international colleagues and experts.

Dossier: #COVID-19

The collective sewage water of all inhabitants in the Netherlands, i.e.17 million people, is now being monitored on the presence of Covid-19. The Dutch national health agency RIVM takes sewage water samples at over 300 municipal waste water treatment plants.


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Clean and safe water

We co-create new and inclusive solutions that revolutionize water cycles of industries, cities, agriculture and food production. By transforming a linear supply chain into a circular one, therefore ensuring clean and safe water for future generations. We intensively work on reducing the water footprint, optimizing water reuse and recovering raw materials from wastewater with innovative technologies that are practical, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. To be able to generate and store energy with water extensive knowledge and expertise is being developed and implemented to support the energy transition. A driving force to support the revolution of the water cycle is the use of smart digital solutions for monitoring, detection and management of water systems and infrastructure.

Dutch water technology expertise

The expertise of the Dutch water sector on Water Technology covers the complete water cycle: from source to use and from pre-use treatment to reuse. But here is where our ambitions lie:

  • Ensuring clean and safe water 
  • Reuse of water and raw materials 
  • Generate and store energy with water 
  • Smart solutions for water and infrastructure


COVID-19 Water Technology and Services Portfolio

The coronavirus pandemic and measures taken against the spreading of the virus are hitting the world hard. But this pandemic also creates a momentum and now is the time to speed things up. With this portfolio we share our knowledge, expertise, technologies and services for a safe and reliable water infrastructure to protect people and the planet. The Dutch water sector provides a wide range of services and technologies for detection, disinfection and analysis of water sources and streams, as well as for services and or technologies to improve sanitation and hygiene.

COVID-19 Water Technology and Services Portfolio