Euroconsult Mott MacDonald to study interactions of water, food, energy nexus in Egypt

Posted on 7 April 2014

dws-euroconsult-egypte-nexus-farmer-770pxDutch-based consultancy firm Euroconsult Mott MacDonald started a study on the sustainable management of interactions between water, food and energy in Egypt.

The study focuses on food security, energy supply and water management and how these sectoral parts can be brought to the water-food-energy nexus.

State-owned German implementing agency Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) commissioned the study.

dws-euroconsult-nexus-egypt-faiyum-agri-350pxActions impacts other areas
The water, energy and food security nexus means that the three sectors — water security, energy security and food security — are inextricably linked and that actions in one area more often than not have impact in one or both of the other areas.

These linkages have always been present, but the world population hurdles towards 8 billion with increasing demands for basic services and growing desires for higher living standards.

The need for more conscious stewardship of the vital resources is required to achieve those services and desires have become both more obvious and urgent.

Moreover, the impact of climate change poses a potential threat to water, energy and food security.

dws-euroconsult-egypt-nexus-damietta-nile-350pxGrowing demand for water, energy and food
Egypt is a typical example of a country with increasing population growth, industrial development and rise of living standards.

The study aims to map the key linkages of the Egyptian water, energy and agro-food sectors, taking into account developments in demography, economy, agriculture (water and cropping patterns), regional trade & cooperation and climate change.

The ultimate aim is to feed into designing the future strategic axis of German-Egyptian development cooperation and to recommend specific concepts - scenarios - and organisation set-ups that help secure a sustainable nexus.

Euroconsult Mott MacDonald conducts the study in collaboration with Egyptian partner North South Consultants Exchange.

About Euroconsult Mott MacDonald
Euroconsult Mott MacDonald is an international development consultancy that works primarily in developing countries and economies in transition. Euroconsult's expertise lies in land and water resources development, rural development, agriculture, environmental protection and management, climate change projects and capacity building.

Founded in 1956, Euroconsult established its present legal status in 1974 and joined the Mott MacDonald Group in 2007. It is involved in more than 90 projects in over 40 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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