Aqua-Aero Watersystems installs UV water treatment system at Greek refugee camp

Posted on 4 October 2016

dws-aaws-uv-waterbox-greek-camp-installation-770px-2Supplier of smart water technologies, Aqua-Aero Watersystems (AAWS), designed and built a UV disinfection filter for the provision of sufficient and safe drinking water to the people in a refugee camp in Greece.

AAWS installed its UV WaterBox XL, a simple system able to purify 6.700 litres of water per hour. About 100.000 litres of water can be purified per day in 15 hours of operation.

dws-aaws-uv-waterbox-greek-camp-installation2-350px-1Non-drinkable water
In most Greek refugee camps the available water is contaminated with E-coli and coliform bacteria and thus not drinkable. In that case the government is providing bottled water. But the numbers of bottles provided are small and the expenses high.

Confronted with this challenge, AAWS installed its UV WaterBox XL that kills 99,9% of the harmful and deadly organisms.

The installation purifies 6.700 litres of water per hour. About 100.000 litres of water can be purified per day in 15 hours of operation.

UV lamp
The core of the UV WaterBox is a UV lamp in a RVS tube. After treatment in the tube the water is safe for consumption. The UV system itself consumes only 100 watt/hour and runs at 220 volt.

The effect of the UV disinfection is maximized with a pretreatment, using three simple filters to remove dirt, silt and sand from the water. The filters also reduce bad tastes and odours, improving the quality of the output water considerably.

Spare filter material can be obtained from local suppliers in Greece.

This news item was originally published on the website of Aqua-Aero Watersystems.

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