dws-nijhuis-jubileum-holterman1-770px"For the past ten years we have been focusing on waste-to-value. The coming ten years we want to focus on waste-to-wealth", said CEO Menno Holterman on the occasion of the celebration of the 115th anniversary of Dutch water technology company Nijhuis Industries. Holterman mentioned the growing demand for water, food, energy and nutrients for a world population that will reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

"As fresh water comes scares, treated waste water can be a potential water source, also for many of our industrial clients. It can be a factor of economic growth", told Holterman the guests that gathered from all over the world for the celebration. "Much of the value in waste water is left untapped". Nijhuis is operational in 130 countries and many of its waste water treatment projects involve the recovery of valuable resources, such as nutrients, fat and biogas. 

dws-nijhuis-115-years-wealth-350pxAccording to CEO Menno Holterman 'waste-to-wealth' is Nijhuis' device for the next ten years.

Global leader in DAF-units
Nijhuis Industries started 115 years ago as a supplier of equipment for slaughter houses and specialised in waste water treatment for the meat industry. Today it is a leading global supplier of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)-units for many industrial sectors and municipalities.

On the occasion Nijhuis announced the agreement with Dutch slaughterhouse Esbro to recover all the fat from the waste water and convert it into biofuel. This will enable Esbro to heat up all its process water without using fossil fuels.

Growing tropical plants
One of the most striking projects presented on the anniversary was the Organica natural water treatment plant that Nijhuis is building in Russia at an IKEA shopping center. The installation has been started up a few days ago and is going to treat 1000 m3 of waste water per day. The purification is situated in a greenhouse building where tropical plants grow on the nutrients of the waste water. Visitors of the mall will be able to visit the greenhouse.

dws-nijhuis-115-years-semilla-scheer-350pxPeter Scheer of Semilla explained how sanitary waste water can be converted into clean water and fertilizers. In the roll out of this technology, he is supported by Nijhuis.

Supporting innovative entrepreneurs
Over the years, Nijhuis has invested much in innovative water treatment technology that makes it possible to create value from waste water. The anniversary showed that the company wants to intensify their efforts on a global scale. Not only by building recovery plants with its own equipment, but also by supporting innovative entrepreneurs.

An example is Semilla Sanitation Hubs. Managing director of Semilla Peter Scheer was one of the speakers at the anniversary event. He told about the support he receives from Nijhuis to further develop and market his mobile toilet system.

A Semilla Sanitation Hub is currently being built in a refugee camp in Jordan where the effluent is used for irrigation.

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