dws-unesco-ihe-all-graduates2016-770px123 water professionals from 38 different countries received their MSc diploma during the closing ceremony of the academic period 2014-2016 in Delft, the Netherlands on 27 April.

The Masters of Science graduates are now part of the Unesco-IHE alumni community of 15,000 water professionals.

dws-unesco-ihe-graduates2016-sihombing-mageni-350px  Graduates Ella Angreni Sihombing (right) from Indonesia and Fredrick Mhega Mageni from Tanzania reflected on their study, including the cold Dutch weather, learning to ride a bike and eating Dutch dishes.

Result of hard work
Unesco-IHE's rector a.i., Fritz Holzwarth congratulated the graduates on their achievement after 3,000 hours of hard work in two years. "Now you have gained this diploma, it is a key that will open doors and possibilities. Water connects and does not divide", he added.

Holzwarth also addressed their important connectors. "At home you will be called up to lead communities in complex water issues".

Move forward
Brian Arbogast, Director of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation inspired the new masters of science to keep searching for new solutions." 'The key is to think out of the box - innovation is not about technology, but about change.''

He concluded his speech with ''do not accept the status quo, but move forward.''

dws-unesco-ihe-graduates2016-zindoga-350px Marcos Amos Zindoga (right) congratulated on his award by Brian Arbogast (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, left) and Fritz Holzwarth (Unesco-IHE, middle).

Award for thesis on sanitation
On the occasion, professor of sanitary engineering at Unesco-IHE Damir Brdjanovic handed the award for the Best Sanitary Engineering MSc thesis to Marcos Amos Zindoga and congratulated him on his great achievement.

Zindoga received a check of 5,000 US dollar for his thesis on biological and chemical additives to improve the handling of facial sludge.

The Best Sanitary Engineering MSc thesis, is awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for stimulating local innovations in sanitation for the urban poor. 

This news item was originally published on the website of Unesco-IHE.

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