The Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) formerly handed out a certificate of approval to prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje of AGT International for the Flood Management System along the Yellow River.

The ceremony took place on September 27, during the 5th Yellow River Forum in Zhengzhou.

Early 2012 AGT installed sensors in the embankment of the Yellow River in Dayulan, near Zhengzhou. The sensors are linked to a monitoring station that supplies data on the strength of the levees to a central decision support system of the Yellow River authorities.
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Sharing best practice on flood protection
On the occasion of the hand out the certificate, YRCC Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Director Xu said: “We have confidence that the safety of dikes can be further guaranteed through the application of these new ideas, technology and methods. We also hope that the Yellow River Forum will serve as a platform to further promote the technology with international peers; sharing best practice and experiences in improving dike safety and the protection of people's lives and property.”

Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje, Head of AGT International in the Netherlands said: “This installation has enabled us to underline the benefits of early warning systems that are able to predict with accuracy where potential floods occur. This is especially important to the region in light of the latest flooding events in Asia.”

Monitoring of levee strength proved scalable
“The key to this is the ability to predict weaknesses in flood defenses early. The way dike stability is calculated in real time, using the sensor output, is unique in the industry and provides a significant advantage for river authorities to plan and prepare for possible dike breaches. The system is scalable and could be deployed on a larger length of dike”, concluded prince Pieter-Christiaan.

The Flood Management System is based on advanced sensors, placed along and within the dikes, and including a central command and control center. The sensors detect conditions on the surface and deep within the dike, and this information is then fed into real time models to analyze dike stability and warn of developing weakness or impending failure.

The FMS system displays dike stability status on a Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface, providing the responsible authorities with advanced analysis, including both real time and simulation capability.

Key note speech on asset management
Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje, head of AGT International in the Netherlands delivered a key note speech on “Innovative Technologies for Water Asset Management” at the 5th International Yellow River Forum.

This key note was followed by discussion on Combining the Latest Sensing Technology and Dutch Water Expertise for Flood Management led by AGT International and presented together with Marius Sokolewicz of Royal Haskoning DHV on flood propagation modeling and Frans van den Berg on Measurement and Impact of Soil Mechanics for Dike Stability.

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