Acacia Water is conducting a robust hydrologic study in Darfur, Western Sudan, and the outcome will be used for a water buffering masterplan.

This plan will show the opportunities for sustainable water resources development of the individual hydrologic catchments (watersheds) where the involved communities are located.

Acacia Water will develop the plan as part of the Taadoud project, a new project for Catholic Relief Services in Sudan funded by UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

dws-acacia-dafur3-goats-350pxDrought in Dafur makes cattle herders to travel to areas with more water. Their cattle damages the crops of local farmers and this leads to conflicts between pastures (livestock) and farmers (agriculture).

Conflict and displacements
In Sudan, protracted conflict and displacement of communities are coupled with economic and political uncertainty, climatic variability, and environment degradation.

The Taadoud project aims at simultaneously improving the productivity of livelihoods and strengthening community-level disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Darfur.

To do so, the project uses a holistic approach of natural resource management, necessary in such complex and fragile context.

Water balance calculations
Acacia Water is currently conducting a hydrologic study of the project area including map development, water balance calculations and an assessment of the current water infrastructure.

Based on this water resources assessment, a Water Buffering Master Plan will be developed for the project areas.

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