dws-acacia-darfur-assessment-floods-770px-1Consultancy firm Acacia Water held a kick-off meeting in Sudan to start a detailed assessment of hydrological and hydrogeological situations in the region of Darfur.

The meeting is part of the Sustain Darfur programme to address the root causes of crisis in the Sudan region by tackling one of the main drivers of local conflict and poverty – availability of water.

Acacia Water’s team has been in Khartoum for the meeting from 20 – 24 August.

Competition over water use
Water is scarce in the region of Darfur and there is competition over its use. This can result in conflict and lead to unsustainable livelihoods, forcing people to migrate to find alternatives.

The overall aim of the project is sustainable development and improved well-being and health of people living in rural areas in Darfur.

The project intends to benefit 250,000 people in rural catchment areas in the states of North, South and West Darfur.

dws-acacia-darfur-assessment-meeting-350px  Kick-off meeting in Khartoum where the prliminary results were presented for four catchments.

Catchment water plans
Detailed hydrogeological assessments are being carried out together with partners of the Water for Darfur partnership.

Together with Aidenvironment, Acacia Water will carry out the hydrological assessment of 13 catchments in the localities targeted by the partnership.

These assessments will help to elaborate catchments water plans together with stakeholders in order to improve the water management and availability in the region, using the 3R approach ‘Retain, Recharge, Reuse’ within the concepts of integrated water resource management (IWRM).

During the kick-off meeting, Acacia presented the preliminary results of a SWAT-modelling and water budget for four priority catchments.

Furthermore, local partners were interviewed to better understand the social-economic challenges as well as the geological, hydrological and hydrogeological contexts.

This news item was originally published on the website of Acacia Water.

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