dws-xbloc-coastal-road-reunion-770pxDelta Marine Consultants has signed a license agreement for the use of Xbloc armour units for the construction of the new coastal road - Nouvelle route du littoral - on the French island La Réunion in the Indian Ocean.

The license agreement has been signed with a joint venture of GTOI (part of Colas), SBTPC (part of Vinci) and Vinci Construction Terrassement.

The joint venture will apply 2,800 Xblocs of 4 m3 in the Reunion project.

Shore protection
The shore protection has been designed by the French design consultant Egis, who previously also designed the Xbloc shore protection in Papeete, Tahiti.

The design has been model tested in a physical model at the Danish Hydraulic Institute. Construction is expected to start soon.

dws-xbloc-sri-lanka-350pxpgHigh hydraulic stability
Xbloc is an innovative and patented concrete armour unit which has been developed by DMC for shore protection and breakwaters and has successfully been applied on various locations around the world since 2004.

Xblocs have a high hydraulic stability and offer a large cost reduction.

The structure requires considerably less concrete compared to other armouring systems and furthermore the units can be placed faster.

Through this innovation breakwaters with Xblocs are more cost effective and sustainable than traditional breakwaters.

About Delta Marine Consultants
Delta Marine Consultants provides consultancy, project management and engineering design services to clients on a worldwide basis.

The company is part of BAM Infraconsult.

This news item was originally published on the website of Xbloc.

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