dws-aiww2017-inno-avn-walkway-770pxA walk along the Innovation Avenue shows the world’s ‘hot stuff’ on water treatment technology. That is one of the new features at the latest edition of the Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition that has entered its final day.

Given the many visitors that daily stroll down the specially designed walkway, it has proven to be a real success.

The Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition is one of the major events of the Amsterdam International Water Week that takes place from 30 October till 3 November.

dws-aiww2017-inno-avn-molenkamp-350px  Director Hein Molenkamp of Water Alliance (left) calls innovation a trade mark for the Dutch water sector.

Extremely long walkway
Next to the latest technologies from the Dutch water sector, the walkway also shows the nominated solutions for the Aquatech Innovation Award, the carefully selected ‘cutting edge’ technology by the Irish-based market specialist BlueTech and the latest scientific research in the InnovationLAB.

The concentration of all this ‘hot stuff’ along the extremely long walkway, provides the visitors of Aquatech a good impression of the innovation trends.

New sensoring technology
Absolute key are the new multiparameter sensoring technologies to collect ‘big data’ that can be linked to all kind of process control and management tools.

Another trend clearly visible is the development of concepts that go beyond a single technical installation such as the recovery of energy incorporated in the electricity grid and the use of solid waste to produce more biogas.

The idea to create a special walkway with innovative water technologies, originates from the Dutch business facilitator Water Alliance.

    dws-aiww2017-inno-avn-schonewille-350pxCEO Henk Schonewille of Wafilin Systems at the Innovation Avenue.

Innovation as a trade mark
‘For Dutch water technology companies, innovations are very important’, says director Hein Molenkamp of Water Alliance. ‘By bringing new technologies to the market, they can distinguish themselves in the world and stay in the lead in niche markets.’

One of the exhibitors at the Innovation Avenue is Wafilin Systems. CEO Henk Schonewille adds: ‘From the first day, it was clear that this dedicated walkway is a success. It is much more crowded here than elsewhere on the exhibition floor.’

Schonewille has an explanation for the success. ‘Most visitors do not come for yet another pump or filter. They are looking for new end user’s products and the most remarkable ones are here.’

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