dws-aiww2017-innovation-avenue-impression-770pxCutting edge water technology from all over the world will be displayed at the Innovation Avenue at the trade exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam from 31 October till 3 November. Walking down this avenue will feel like a walk on the Champs-Elysees with all its Parisian attractions. On both sides visitors can see the most outstanding technologies to treat water and to recover resources.

The Innovation Avenue (impression on top photo) at Aquatech Amsterdam includes all novelties from the Dutch water sector, the InnovationLAB, the nominees for the Aquatech award and the BlueTech Research Innovation pavilion.

dws-aiww2017-innovationlab-350px One of the features on the Innovation Avenue will be the InnovationLAB where the latest trends will be shown.

Best avenue to walk
The Innovation Avenue is one of the many new features at the Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition. It provides the visitors the opportunity to stroll down the walk and see all innovative water technologies from all around the world.

The avenue includes the Netherlands Water Pavilion (hall 7, booth 07.430) with twenty companies and organisations will showcase their latest water treatment and sensoring technologies, including:
● DMT with its Sustec thermal hydrolysis process enabling to produce more biogas from sludge
● Bluecon with a compact integrated system to treat domestic waste water in five steps, enbling the effluent to be used for irrigation
● AkaNova with its NIQO small water treatment systems with smart process controles.

Award nominees
Also to be seen on the avenue are the nominees of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017, including:
● Hydraloop with an prefab in-house water recycling system to collect and treat grey water flows
● OxyMem with its curly membrane modules for additional capacity for aerobic treatment of waste water
● Ahlstrom-Munksjö will show its latest development to purify water with Electro Positive Technology.

The special pavilion of the Irish innovation tracking company BlueTech Research will also show ‘hot stuff’, including:
● RTC4Water with a software tool for operators to manually monitor and control their tanks, pumps and valves
● Nanonord with its online sensor for determination of dry matter content, nitrogen, phosphorous, silicon, sodium, aluminium, copper, lithium, chlorine, arsenic, beryllium, lead, mercury, cadmium, potassium and more in sewage sludge.

The Innovation Avenue is initiated by Dutch water technology network organization Water Alliance and realised in cooperation with Envaqua, Netherlands Water Partnership and RAI Amsterdam.

dws-aiww2017-innovations-voltea-350pxSeveral workshops
The Aquatech trade exhibition coincides with the international AIWW Conference with many sessions and workshops on water technology issues such as:
● Case session Resource recovery and circular water cycle (on Tuesday at 09.00)
● Solution workshop New ICT & Data: solutions in water management (on Tuesday at 09.00)
● Solution workshop Water Treatment Implementation (on Tuesday at 09.00)
● Solution workshop New Tech Ventures & Upscaling (Tuesday at 14.00)
Note: these workshops are for delegates of the AIWW Conference and not freely accessible for visitors of the Aquatech trade exihibition.

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