"A new strongly interdependent market structure is emerging in which water utilities, cities, industries, energy and agrifood sectors, urban developers and financiers, each acting, enter into new relationships to forge the value chain for water", says Kees van der Lugt, programme director of the Amsterdam International Water Week.

The next edition will take place in November and Van der Lugt invites the world to submit interesting cases that can be programmed for the AIWW Conference. Deadline for submission is 29 March 2019.

dws-aiww2019-call-cases-lugt-350pxProgramme director Kees van der Lugt at the AIWW Summit last November where the topics were discussed for the next AIWW that will take place later this year.

Collaboration and bankable projects
According to Van der Lugt new relationships are needed to forge the value chain of water. "Partners need each other for the implementation of sustainable solutions. For example, a water company can generate energy from water, but marketing the energy is not their core business. They will stand stronger if they work with an energy company and commercial partners."

As programme director he hopes to present cases at the conference that illustrate this change and especially, be able to discuss the gains and setbacks.

Be part of the solution
Van der Lugt marks the unique opportunity to become part of the solution. "Inspire us, join us in matching best practices to the water challenges we are facing worldwide. We offer the platform to make connections during the AIWW Conference". 

As there can be no true innovation without implementation, the programme director finds it interesting to use these cases to explore sound business models and the ability to attract financial institutions – development banks and commercial banks.

dws-aiww2019-call-case-round-table-350pxAIWW Conference is much about actively engaging and sharing insides and experiences.

Four inspiring themes
The conference call for content for abstracts, workshops and cases or solutions focuses on four themes:
● energy transition and resource recovery
calls for circular business models to open the way to incorporate multiple principles for value creation. Advanced integrated solutions to complex challenges are needed to create impact.
● integrating water and resource management
focuses on the need for increased cooperation among resource user groups to balance the economic, environmental and social needs of society.
● IT & data: artificial intelligence and smart robotics
We are convinced that new IT and data solutions can be a game changer in water management and are key to keep our infrastructure resilient and secure.
● blue-green solutions for urban resilience
all about creating resilient communities and critical infrastructure. This asks for continued collaboration and innovative solutions.

Come to Amsterdam and join AIWW
The AIWW Conference is organised by Netherlands Water Partnership and IWC Conferences, and is supported by the Dutch Government. 

Besides the AIWW Conference itself, the Amsterdam International Water Week includes the Aquatech Amsterdam, Sarphati Sanitation Awards, the Young Professionals Programme and excursions.

Read more about the Call for content.

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