dws-aiww2017-call-dhagimundi-common-goal-770pxUnique teams of multidisciplinary experts, including young water professionals and new tech innovators, working on breakthroughs for real life cases. That is what the organisers of this year’s conference of the Amsterdam International Water Week envision.

For this the organisers call on case owners to submit their water challenges, for example cities and industries wanting to tackle a problem or accelerate the transition to a sustainable production process. The conference also calls on experts, scientists and suppliers to submit their solutions, insights, innovations and best practices. Deadline for submission of cases and solutions is 31 March. 

dws-aiww2017-call-cases-paper-top-350pxDynamic participation
This year’s theme of the conference is ‘Water….and nine billion people’ and focuses on the transition to a circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas.

It aims for a series of agreements where cases owners, and – for example - experts, suppliers, investors, pledge to continue their work until they reach the goals that they have set.

In-depth labs
The organisers hope to Meet, Match and Mix unique teams of multidisciplinary experts, young water professionals, new tech innovators working on new possible solutions, partnerships and financial models.

Besides the case labs and in-depth labs the conference offers inspiring keynote speeches, leaders fora, round table meetings and many networking opportunities.

dws-aiww2017-call-young-professionalsExamples of cases
A case can be a city facing specific water challenges, an industry wishing to reduce its’ water footprint, a region wanting to increase agricultural yield with less water, and more. Dutch cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam and AkzoNobel Performance Coatings were the first pioneers to submit a case.

Examples of solutions
A solution is anything that can help in the transition to circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas. A game changing innovation, an in-depth analyses, a best practice, new scientific insights, financial or governance models, etcetera.

Solutions will be matched to cases or discussed in in depth solution labs, with other leading experts in the same field.

Deadline for submission of cases and solutions is 31 March 2017. Notice of acceptance will be 30 May 2017.
The complete call for cases and solutions is available here

This news item is based on a press release originally published on the website of the Amsterdam International Water Week.

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