Suez Water Spain has designed and commissioned an anaerobic water treatment plant using DACS-technology that is patented by Dutch-based joint venture Aqana.

DACS (downflow anaerobic carrier system) is a high rate anaerobic process, utilizing specially designed plastic carriers with a unique hydraulic pattern. Anaerobic bacteria can easily attach to this carrier which results in a very large surface area for enhanced biological activity.

dws-aqana-zuvamesa-factory-aerial-350px  Zuvamesa factory of orange juice, near Valencia, Spain.

This enhanced biological activity is an important feature to be able to treat the high organic load of the waste water that results from the juice manufacturing process.

Zuvamesa has increased its effluent treatment capacity without having to expand the size of its wastewater treatment facility.

The DACS plant has been designed to treat 40 ton COD and 3,000 m3 wastewater daily.

Two years of preparation
Suez Water Spain and Zuvamesa have been working together for over two years on the operation and maintenance of its effluent treatment plant in its Sagunto factory, near Valencia, Spain.

Choosing to install DACS-technology emphasises Zuvamesa's commitment to their circular economy strategy, closing the loop of the life cycle of products through recycling and reuse.

dws-aqana-zuvamesa-dacs-scheme-350pxSchematic impression of the Downflow anaerobic carrier system (DACS).

Less sludge, more biogas
In absence of oxygen, the anaerobic bacteria break down the organic matter in the wastewater generating biogas with a high methane concentration.

Zuvamesa reuses 100 percent of the biogas in its thermal power generation processes for water treatment and for the juice manufacturing.

Energy costs are also reduced - compared with aerobic treatment - as there is no need to aerate the reactor. Furthermore, the volume of sludge generated is reduced and the necessary footprint to treat the effluent is smaller.

dws-aqana-zuvamesa-dacs-carriers-350px  The specially designed plastic Aqwise carriers that hold the anaerobic bacteria.

About Aqana
Aqana BV is a joint venture between Dutch Water Technologies Group (the Netherlands) and Aqwise (Israel). The company is located at the WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

Combining its knowledge on anaerobic technological solutions with a strong focus on industrial and client needs, the company has been successful in the application of its carrier based DACS-technology for a broad range of industries.

DACS® is licensed to Suez Water Spain since 2016 for its exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.

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