Just before the start of the rain season, Aqua-Aero WaterSystems installed a RainCAP system in the village of Walalane in Senegal late June. The village is located north of Kaolack, Senegal. The water situation in Walalane is poor: the groundwater is brackish, contains excessive levels of fluorine. People are often suffering from fluorosis.

Rainwater harvesting on roof of medical centre
The installed RainCAP system works simple. Water is captured from the roof of a small medical centre, then filtered and sent down into two large RainCAP ground tanks. The tanks have a total capacity of 65.000 litres. They are installed in a hole in the ground excavated by the villagers.

For installation of the RainCAP system no strong reinforced concrete and water tight cement structures are needed. AquaAero WaterSystems uses smart designs resulting in low costs for large scale rainwater harvesting.

Solar driven UV-filtration
Finally the collected rainwater is purified from potential e-coli and coliform bacteria using a solar driven UV WaterBox.

The installed rainwater harvesting & purification system is simple and can be easily operated and maintained by a local water entrepreneur. The entrepreneur will earn a reasonable salary by selling the water at a price of 0,007 euro per litre to the local community. A financial sustainable system is delivered.

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