Dutch water aid foundation Aqua for All signed a partnership with Blue Planet Network (BPN) and their members International Lifeline Fund and Africa Ahead, to pilot the H20 Health Plus (H20+) programme in nothern Uganda and then expand it country-wide.

Within this H2O+ program Aqua for All uses her broad network, expertise and financial resources to support the program and to trigger other donor organizations for co-finance.

In addition Aqua for All also is supporting the expansion of Blue Planet Network’s data capabilities to be able to track program progress, results and impacts.

Community health clubs
Key elements of H2O+ are creating community health clubs and improving water and sanitation facilities of medical clinics, but it actually is much broader.

dws-aqua-for-all-blue-planet-rainwater-uganda-350pxLast year Blue Planet Network launched the multi-sector initiative designed to eliminate the root causes of poverty.

The H2O+ initiative was developed to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, and promote economic development in Uganda by integrating five related initiatives: (1) improved access to sanitation; (2) improved access to safe water; (3) improved community hygiene practices; (4) strengthened capacity at district and community health facilities; and (5) increased school enrollment of girls. 

Second major US partnership
Aqua for All is already allied with the Millennium Water Alliance, making this is a second important partnership with an American Wash network organization. In the future the Dutch water aid foundation hopes to expand its network with more partnerships in this form.  

About Aqua for all
Aqua for All is a foundation dedicated to the poorest people in the world. Its purpose is to sustainably increase the number of people with access to clean water and adequate sanitation. The foundation acts as a networking agent, connecting public and private organizations to mobilizing resources, expertise and financing from the Dutch water sector toward development aid projects focused on water and sanitation.

Aqua for All also provides quality assurance to partners and donors engaged in our projects.

This news item was originally published on the website of Aqua for All.

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