dws-aiww-ict-day-770pxNext year - on 4 November - the first Aquatech Innovation Forum will take place as part of the Amsterdam International Water Week 2019. Central theme of this one-day event will be the digatilisation of the international water market.

A group of experts have gathered in a knowledge board, under supervision of Tom Freyburg, and will prepare this event to give water professionals guidance in the fast development of new information technology that will have big impact on the daily work in the water sector.

The fifth edition of the Amsterdam International Water Week will take place from 4 - 8 November with its two pillar programme item: the International AIWW Conference and the Aquatech Amsterdam water technology trade fair.

dws-aiww-ict-day-experts-350px  Recent meeting of the content board that will prepare the programme of the one-day ICT event.

Mastering digitisation
With the tagline: Mastering Water’s Digital Transformation, the event is intended to bring together water utilities and the supply chain to discuss experiences when adopting innovative solutions.

The organisers announced the event to be demand driven, interactive and aimed at delivering provoking content on topics as cyber security, smart cities, the role of Water 4.0 and also on turning Big Data into actionable data.

Established content board
A specially created content board with experts, met at the end of November in Amsterdam to discuss the latest trends and topics to begin shaping the conference agenda.

Discussions will focus on innovation and practical solutions to challenges that exist but are also on the horizon, including topics such as cyber security and digital resilience; smart cities and the role of Water 4.0 and also turning Big Data into actionable data.

The event will showcase how technological improvements are helping to meet goal number six: deliver clean water and sanitation for all by 2030.

High level knowledge exchange
Annette Bos, Director Water at RAI Amsterdam and heading Aquatech Global Events, said: "We are launching the Innovation Forum to help bridge the gap between events already taking place during the same week. The ambition is to translate the technology innovation of the show floor into a high level knowledge exchange conference."

Tom Freyberg, content director of Aquatech Global Events, added: "There is a lot of discussion and sometimes hype around digitalisation. We want to bring together real-life cases where new digital solutions are making a difference and create a platform where professionals can openly share experiences, network and overall consume engaging and entertaining content."

Freyberg added: "By bringing such a group of talented individuals together for the Content Board, we are creating an incredible Innovation Forum network and essentially, an event for the industry by the industry."

This news item was originally published on the website of Aquatech Amsterdam.

(Photos: Aquatech)

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Content director Tom Freyburg of Aquatech Global Events and members of the content board explain the intention to couple the Innovation Forum to the digitalisation of the water market.