Aquaver introduces the first fully integrated commercially available product based on Vacuum Membrane Distillation. The versatile system is powered by waste heat and suited for applications in drinking water, process water and waste water treatment.

Various energy- and water sources
The Aquaver water treatment WTS system is powered by residual heat (40 – 80 °C) from solar installations, wind turbines, diesel generators or industrial processes. The system produces distilled water from any non‐saline, saline or polluted water source.

No corrosion
The machine is non‐critical to raw water quality and operates without ecologically damaging pre‐treatment chemicals. All relevant system components are made of plastics to avoid corrosion. The system concentrates waste water close the crystallization boundary.

The waste heat powered system reduces energy consumption by 70% yielding a low cost of ownership.

At Aquatech 2011
The product was first demonstrated at the 2011 Singapore International Water Week in combination with a dedicated Post Treatment Unit, which mineralises 1,000 litres a day to fresh drinking water. The system is ready for use and allows remote control by i‐pad or smartphone. At Aquatech 2011 in Amsterdam the WTS-500 version will be shown for the first time.

Aquaver designs, develops and manufactures WTS-systems in close cooperation with memsys as supplier of Vacuum Membrane Distillation modules, and with Philips Innovation Services as system integrator. Aquaver is based in the Netherlands, and is a member of the Ecover International Group.

More information:
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
+31 10 208 59 85