dws-arcadis-intech-3d-monitoring2-770pxConsultancy firm Arcadis and InTech Dike Security Systems join forces in monitoring levees and dams, and started a new company called Dike Monitoring Netherlands.

The new company will roll-out a monitoring system that is based on innovative technologies that have been developed in the Netherlands to detect deformation and internal erosion.at an early stage.

The agreement was recently signed and was announced by Arcadis and InTech on 5 November at the Amsterdam International Water Week.

dws-arcadis-intech-levee-monitoring-display-350pxMany different technologies
The new company Dike Monitoring Netherlands will support and advise levee and dam owners on the behavior of their flood defences under different circumstances.

Early detection of small deformations, seepage or piping of levees and dams , enables the owners to take action and prevent a possible breach.

For this, the company uses new monitoring techniques that are used by Intech Dike Security Systems, such as infrared sensors, deformation measurements based on satellite imagery, multispectral measurements, radar, EM measurements, stereo photography, 3D laser scanning and in-situ measurements.
(top photo shows an imaginary layer of 3D & infra monitoring over a levee to detect deformations)

Combining all data
The data that is generate by these new monitoring techniques is combined with data provided by existing techniques and transformed to useful information .

This way Dike Monitoring Netherlands enables levee and dam owners to address possible problems in an very early stage, such as earlier detected seepage situations that may lead to piping.

This news item was originally published on the website of Arcadis (in Dutch only).

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More information
InTech Dike Security Systems
Haarlem, the Netherlands
+31 23 542 15 41

Arcadis Nederland
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
+31 88 4261 261

Intech installed its 3D laser scan technology to monitor a  real-time stress test of a Dutch levee. The levee was intentionally destabilized and collapsed in the very early morning of 14 October 2015 when it was still dark. The orange colouring of the levee shows the first serious deformation.