Dutch engineering firm Arcadis has been contracted to repair two major waste water treatment plants in New York that were damaged by storm Sandy, according to company's chief executive Neil McArthur.

Arcadis was evaluating damage at the Nassau County and Newton Creek water treatment facilities. It was still unclear how much it would cost to get the plants back to full operating capacity after being flooded this week.

Up and running again
"We are responding very rapidly to the immediate request of the local authorities. Their immediate focus of attention is to get the utilities systems up and running and usable," McArthur said in an interview to news agency Reuters.

Improved capacity
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) just finished a 5 billion USD project on the Newton Creek WWTP in February to improve the plant's efficiency, boosting its cleaning capacity from 620 million to 700 million gallons of water.

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