dws-arcadis-new-york-sandy-metro-station-770pxConsultancy firm Arcadis announced that it has been selected by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's New York City Transit to restore the city's subway system to pre-Sandy conditions and protect it against future storms.

Under the five-year, 26 million USD task order contract, Arcadis will produce and implement innovative flood resiliency designs for subway stations, tunnels, bus depots, public areas, and more for North America's largest transportation network.

Superstorm Sandy hit New York in October 2012 with a 14-foot storm surge that flooded nine out of the 14 subway tunnels beneath rivers around the city and the subway was shut down for days (top photo).

Massive subway project
"Being chosen by NYCT for this massive and important public infrastructure project reinforces Arcadis' lead position in water management and flood proofing," said Peter Glus, city executive in New York for Arcadis US.

Glus: "Improving mobility, connecting people and driving economic development in New York City is one way Arcadis creates exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients."

dws-arcadis-new-york-sandy-subway-flooded-350pxReliable public transport
Recent severe weather has put additional strain on the nation's aging infrastructure. Investment like that of NYCT in its transit network will provide communities with reliable infrastructure for years to come.

Upon completion of the project, MTA NYCT expects that commuters, families and communities that make up the 15 million people served by the subway authority, will have a safer, more reliable subway system that meets the high standards they've come to expect, improves mobility, and enhances their quality of life.

This news item was originally published on the website of Arcadis.

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