Consultancy firm Arcadis has been awarded a contract to develop a water, wastewater, treated sewage effluent and an asset management master plan for the region of Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

Under the eighteen month contract, Arcadis will support - by Royal Decree - the Mecca and Taif Business Units (MCBU) of the National Water Company, for Development of the Holy City of Makkah by expanding and improving the city’s water supply service.

dws-arcadis-nwa-mecca-350pxMore waste water treatment capacity
Arcadis will prepare a database study of the region's water and wastewater infrastructure assets; develop an integrated water, wastewater and treated sewage effluent master plan; and prepare a capital investment plan for 2015 to 2050.

"The city of Makkah is a focal point of Muslim pilgrims often swelling the population above its base of two million inhabitants to over six million during religious festivals, placing significant demands on basic services", Philip Bourne said, Water Sector Director – Middle East at Arcadis.

"The water service coverage in Makkah is low – around 65 percent of the populated area and the wastewater service coverage is less. There is currently not sufficient capacity in the treatment plants to treat the additional flow and load".

Once completed, the study will provide a master plan to enable future planning of water and wastewater services for over seven million people in the region as well as industrial clients up to the year 2050.

As part of the study, emergency works will also be contemplated.

Arcadis has rendered it services in the past to projects such as the Makkah Master Plan and the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah.

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